Enzymatic lipo

Treatment: Enzymatic lipo
Anesthesia: Does not apply.
Duration:10 minutes.
Recovery: Immediate.
Function: Reduces cellulite, Reaffirms body and facial skin, reduces size and stretch marks.
Associated Treatments: Radiofrequency, Cavitation, Platelet Rich Plasma, Carboxytherapy, Mesotherapy. 

Enzymatic Mini Lipo is a real boom in body and facial treatments that fascinates men and women for their safety and so quick and permanent results.
The results are so incredible that:
1 session = 5 (any other treatment)

It is resulting in a treatment at very low cost because of its quality and results.

Bio-technology based enzymes:
  • Disrupts and removes localized fat
  • Shapes and refines the figure
  • Eliminates adipose and fibrous cellulite
  • Reaffirms tissues and retracts the skin to the muscle markedly improves the appearance of the skin

Ideal to combat rashers that neither the gym or diet fail to remove.

It applies to:  

  • Abdomen
  • Chaps
  • upper and lower back
  • Gordito bra
  • Among leg
  • Waist
  • Sides
  • Arms
  • Legs
Facial. It is ideal for:

  • Reduce double chin (double chin)
  • prominent cheeks
  • Greasers that gives a feeling of tiredness and older.

Chest in men. Removes fat that plumps the breasts.
Pompis lifting. Highlights the pompi to remove fat that surrounds it.
Anticelulítico. Combat orange peel, undoes nodules.

Auxiliary devices in body treatments and weight control as power and accelerates results.

It is very effective and safe!

It is a European product with high standards of control and security that give the cosmeceutical grade; which means it has aesthetic functions, scientific bases and pharmaceutical controls.
The enzyme mini lipo revolutionizes the world of aesthetic treatments because:
  • There is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction
  • Enzymes are lifolizadas (frozen and dehydrated) to keep 100% of its power and ensure its purity.
  • They contain no preservatives, colorings or synthetic substances.
  • Trigger physiological processes and accelerate safe and effective for the person against fat.
Containing enzymes are:
  • Lipase (fat dissolution)
  • Collagenase (smoothing effect that eliminates the orange peel)
  • Hyaluronidase (draining power that eliminates toxins, fluids and fat)
  • It is a cocktail of enzymes, vitamins and hyaluronic acid.
Frequency and number of sessions

  • The solution from the patient serum is prepared.
  • Ajuga enzymes with insulin micro infiltrate.
  • The power of enzymes is preserved in a 100% and is activated to prepare.
  • Once penetrated, the enzymes begin to act immediately to trigger fat burning processes, dissolution of cellulite nodules and a draining effect of fat, fluid and toxins.
  • The number of sessions is assessed individually depending on the amount of fat and patient expectations.
  • Ensure patients feel the work of enzymes and see some changes from the first application.
  • From the 4th. super session improvement is noticeable and is usually sufficient when fat is small and very localized.
  • Generally 6 to 10 sessions are excellent and provide a wonderful change.
  • When it used as an aid in anti-cellulite treatments reductivos or working according to the patient's goals and their investment capacity.
Adverse reactions
They can occur:      
  • Heat in the treated area and / or redness
  • A little discomfort as when much exercise is done and the area is sore.
  • Discomfort all that are disappearing in maximum 48 hrs.
  • Sometimes small hematomas (Moretitos) that disappear in a few days are formed.
  • Enzymatic Mini Lipo is an excellent alternative treatment to surgery, offering fast, reliable results, without the risk of anesthesia, no scars.
  • The patient is incorporated immediately to their activities: family, social and labor.

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