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Treatment : Application of botulinum toxinAnesthesia : Anesthetic Gel Duration:  10-15 minutesRecovery : ImmediateFunction : Elimination of expression lines, excessive sweating and migraineAssociated treatments: Fillers, Medical Peeling, Photorejuvenation, PRP
Rejuvenate your face with Botox treatment .
Looking for a simple and painless way to remove these annoying wrinkles on your face? You are looking for a solution for a healthy daily aspect? Know that with a Botox treatment, you will have the expected results.
What is a Botox treatment?
Botox is the most popular and this aesthetic intervention, throughout the world - and rightly so. Intervention with Botox is a non-surgical intervention that provides optimum results only three to seven days after injection. 
Botox (or botúlica toxin) is a protein that can be safely injected to treat wrinkles of the face and neck. This protein is injected in small doses in a wrinkle of expression you want to decrease. This procedure loosens the muscle areas chosen by blocking its nerve impulse then temporarily. This also inhibits the secretion of sweat glands.
We thus have the effect of muscle rested referred by Botox for a period that can go up to 6 months. It is necessary to note that after some Botox treatments, wrinkles are quickly noticed fewer and less severe because muscle has lost the habit of contract. 
Is an excellent aid to prevent and delay the onset of wrinkles, even disappearing deep expression lines.
The application of Botox causes an improvement with natural effect, relaxing muscles in the area of application prevents the muscles to contract and wrinkle the skin, but never leaves his face expressionless.
It is a simple and easy procedure to apply. Recommended for application areas are:
• The forehead
• The famous "crow's feet"
• The eyebrows
• Lip corners
• The neck and "platysmal strings"
For Excessive Sweating
- Armpits
- Palma hands
- Plant your feet.

There may be other indications as appropriate: for example is the best treatment of excessive sweating (armpits, feet and hands).
The contraindications are pregnancy and lactation, neuromuscular conditions such as myasthenia, or infection or inflammation of the area to be treated.
Some precautions that should be taken into account are the antimalarial chloroquine treatment and intake of antibiotics.
And for any injection, do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory one week before because of the risk of bleeding is advised, and product dissemination.
The needles used are very thin and the injection is almost-painless, but may apply an anesthetic cream prior to patients too sensitive to pain.
Side effects are rare and lasted little, kind of headaches or tension front. 
The Botox treatment is safe if administered by a specialist.
The risks of complication are extremely rare: ptosis (drooping) of the upper lid (reversible), if diffusion of the product.
It is advised to remain lying 10 minutes after injection, local massage not apply in the hours that follow, or sports for 4 hours.
Once applied, the results are visible from the fourth day, and the effect lasts approximately 4 to 6 months for the first injections, more then.

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