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Chin Implant in Aguascalientes

Surgery: Placing a mental implant is performed, the incision intraoral so no scar.
Anesthesia: Local.
Internment: Ambulatory.
Recovery: Inmediate.
Associated Surgeries: Rhinoplasty, Bichectomia, Double Chin Liposuction.


Chin augmentation with implants (mentoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that helps strengthen the features of the lower jaw. Individuals who decide to have this surgery do so because they feel their chin is too small or doesn’t fit with the natural angles of the face and neck. We offer this surgery to patients who desire a stronger chin and shaper profile. This surgery is performed with a biocompatible synthetically produced flexible silicone implant that is designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Certain implants may be chosen to compliment various chin surgery techniques to create the desired outcome.  

Surgical Technique

A common technique for this procedure uses a silicone implant that is moved through  the incision  on the inside of the mouth The implant is then placed directly over the bone along the lower jaw. A pocket might be constructed to hold it, which may involve shaving the jawbone to help fit the implant in place. Surgical sutures will be used to attach the implant to the chin bone. Immediately after surgery, medical tape or a compression dressing will be applied to help protect the implant while the jaw recovers.

During/After Surgery
Chin augmentation is an out patient procedure that is performed under local anesthesia at our very own surgical facility.  The entire surgery typically takes about 30 minutes to complete, but it could take longer depending on the technique used. Recovery from this surgery usually takes about 4 weeks.  During this time, the swelling, discomfort and numbness that occurs in the chin and lower lip will gradually improve. 

 Most patients are pleased with their results and feel that they have a stronger, more defined profile because of the surgery.

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