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Treatment: Photorejuvenation with IPL E-light
Anesthesia: Not applicable
Duration; 30 minutes
Recovery: Immediate
Function: Skin rejuvenation and wrinkles, spots Decreased
Associated treatments: cavitation, radiofrequency

New generation of health devices equipped with advanced technologies (e-light), which combines intense pulsed light with radio frequency for better treatment of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

Several filters are used to select the wavelength of the light emitted by the chromophore where desired action. The warming induced chromophores leads to its transformation or destruction, this is called selective photothermolysis.


Hair: to eliminate rosacea, erythrose, telangiectasia.

Acne: This is the most effective treatment today. It can be associated with medical Peeling.

Skin rejuvenation and wrinkles: tightens pores, lifting effect, skin tightening (facial contours), the non-traumatic skin rejuvenation. It stimulates dermal fibroblasts to produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Stains (red and brown) and hyperpigmentation, solar lentigo, melasma, cloth.

The machine is equipped with a water cooling system and air, ensuring a perfect fit and virtually painless treatment.

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