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It is not a vaccine itself but yet its application form has been distorting its name to vaccine.

It is a treatment fast Slimming activity comprising a Synergizer symbiosis of Products to Scientifically combat general obesity and localized, obtaining a result that is in the short term, in a weight loss and long-term measures in a metabolic change and change Food habits that prevent weight increase patient again.

How it Works?

Is a medicine whose components are strings of amino acids that work by increasing the catabolism of triglyceride deposited the Agency by way of adipose tissue, helping to break the junctions of adipocytes in a generalized manner, and this fat Transporting "deposited" lymphatic tissue venous and then eliminate them through the Urine.

What is it for?

Treatment of overweight and obesity are on dietary pattern of appetite or excessive carbohydrate addiction where the truncal fat, sedentary obese abdomen, legs, thick thighs including obesity prevalent disease states. 

- Produces Progressive and significant decrease in weight 
- Effective treatment for lipodystrophy (cellulite) 
- It reduces body fat mass reaffirms tissues and muscular
- No side effects 
- No  insomnia


Application Sub cutaneous, in abdomen.

Dose 1 cc every week.

Inject resting for 10 days and 20 continuing the dieta.

Water intake daily minimum of 10-12 glasses.

Management calorie diet during the days of treatment.

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