Treatment: Radiofrequency.
Anesthesia: Not applicable.
Duration: 60 minutes.
Recovery: Immediate.
Function: Reaffirmation face and body, reduces cellulite.
Associated treatments: brooding, Lymphatic Drainage, Mesotherapy, ozone therapy.

Radiofrequency Treatment: Body & Facial What Is It?

RF: This technique is used to fight skin slackening of the face and body, particularly at the level of the oval, and applies indiscriminately to men and women, all skin types.

They proposed radiofrequency patients whose skin is loosened, whose tissues lost their tone. With age or in response to a regimen, women can learn a skin slackening the level of the oval of her face, cheeks, contours of the mouth or eyes.

The technique uses electromagnetic waves that produce heat to treat cutaneous relaxation of the face.

Aguascalientes radiofrequency

The heat induces a retraction ("skin tightening") and a production of collagen which improves skin firmness and tension.

The radio can be used on the face (gills, oval, neck) and body against the relaxation of tissues (stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms, breasts anterior) and against localized cellulite with cellulite effect improvement .

With their heads in different sizes manageable, the new devices may go to the oval, the neck, the areas around the mouth or eyes. Use a third generation apparatus having several pairs of electrodes for a controlled, not painful and without burning the skin deep action (the temperature of the treated area reaches 40 ° C on the surface of the skin 50 at 60 ° C in depth).

We can associate with the light from a laser or light from a flash lamp on the photo frame rejuvenation of the face, neck, chest, back of hands with very clear improvement in skin texture and standardization complexion.

The method

According to the treated area we apply a previously head on the skin smeared with conductive gel.

 The treatment is painless, just generates a slight feeling of heat. This is directly driven to the level of the dermis, with no risk of burns to the skin because ell applicator is cooled to numb the surface of the skin to his touch. The session lasts about 15 minutes. Sessions are spaced 1 to 2 weeks. It takes 6 to 8 sessions as the initial state for the face (oval and neck), stomach, arms.

The results

Phase Shrinking: right after the first session, immediately check tension of the skin and a strengthening of the contours of the face caused by the contraction of the collagen fibers. This phase lasts a few days.

Phase Retractable: with formation of new collagen.

As the sessions, the effect is reinforced and the final result is obtained after a period of 2 to 6 months, time needed for the new collagen is formed. We maintain the result with a session every month.

Secondary effects

After the session, the skin may show a slight redness and the patient can feel his skin "warm".

 A part of these effects do not take a long time, face no brand. Makeup after the session is no problem, and the patient can go about their business immediately after his appointment.


If you have a pacemaker, metal implants or if you are pregnant, you may not have access to radio waves. The same, do not present for a session if your skin is irritated, which presents an important caparrosa or dermatosis.

 But if your skin is tanned, this does not stop him radiofrequency treatment.

 Also, if after reading this section and you have decided to submit to a radio frequency and require reports on costs, or want to look dazzling flat as soon as possible, we are here to assist you.

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